Tree Logo

This is probably something I should know but… could someone explain the tree logo to me and what it represents?? Just curious since I just ordered 2 shirts and would feel rather silly if someone asks me!! Thanks!

Sounds reasonable to me! I’ll go with it… especially in light of the fact that upon first glance when I pulled it out of the shipping bag, my husband thought it was a brain!! LOL

I agree that the logo can be interpreted in many ways (brain ! Fulfillment (and lack of),…)
For me, the two halves of the tree bring to mind the seasons of life, fall and summer. Spring has represented the time of birth and youth, summer reflects maturity and bearing fruit, fall is … well, literally fall is when nature prepares for dormant winter but I don’t envision the winter of my life as one of dormancy! … hmmmm … I was going to say that the tree could represent the many people in Oldpremeds, but I’m not a summer-person (except for my cosmetic color wheel) so my interpretation doesn’t lead me to a happy conclusion because it reminds me I’m one season away from death! My interpretation could be salvaged if some serious redefinition of “the Fall of life” occurs! I guess that’s what we are doing: redefining middle-age to include what was thought to be gone (i.e., ability to learn, ability to be productive contributors in a grueling profession).
This is a fun question to play with!

LMAO! I definitely see a Psychiatric track in your pathway of medical school endeavors!!


I definitely see a Psychiatric track in your pathway of medical school endeavors!!

Some who are close to me say I would make a great psychiatrist. I think it’s because they mistake my telling them how to live their lives as helping them achieve peace of mind (they must have had contolling mothers!)! LOL!

I see the logo not too differently.
The left side, which is dark and no leaves represents the feeling of loneliness that you had thinkning that you are the only one with a past and trying to get over it to fulfill your dream. The right side with the light and the leaves represents the feeling of uplifting and happiness knowing that you are not alone in this process and that there are others out there like yourself. Re-invigorating and breathing new life into your dream

For anyone else who wants to walk around wearing our logo and promoting our organization:

And this will be perfect for next year’s conference (anyone who froze her tootsies off in the hotel this year knows what I mean!)

If I’m not mistaken, a friend of OldManDave’s came up with the logo after talking to him about the organization. He explained once what it meant, but I don’t remember now. It definitely has symbolic meaning.