Triple amputee to graduate from medical school

Thought you might like this, perhaps find it inspirational.…

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Triple amputee to graduate from medical school

LOS ANGELES, California (AP) -- A woman who lost both legs and an arm as a child is poised to become a doctor for children.

Kellie Lim, who became a triple amputee at age 8 because of bacterial meningitis, is to graduate from UCLA's medical school on Friday, and she plans to focus on childhood allergies and infectious disease.


Adam, thanks for posting this. I am awed at her perseverance, and inspired!


I think this is fantastic.

This is defintely an inspiration.

The LA Times has some pictures of her here.

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And of all the topics she sampled during medical school, only her work with children left her "smiling at the end of the day."


"I hate failing," she said. "It's one of those things that's so ingrained in me."


She made no attempt to hide the residual limb, which she skillfully maneuvered to hold down papers; following medical protocol, she briskly washed the right limb and her left hand before touching patients or instruments.

Any idea how I might get into contact with her? I think she would be an excellent motivational presentation at one of our future conferences!

I imagine she’d have one heck of a presentation… not sure how to get in touch with her, though. A quick search at had some hits for news articles, but no contact information.

Perhaps you could contact UCLA and leave OPM contact info for her?

From the UCLA directory…

limk at ucla dot edu

Obviously you will need to decipher the email addy from that above.

Thanks for posting this. Any time I feel like things are difficult for me I am going to reread it.

It looks as if she was on Larry King Live tonight - I only caught a short snippet. Did anyone see the whole thing?