Trying To Find my Way To Medical School

Hello Everyone,

My story is unique and challenging, so I’ll do my best to make this brief.

In 2015, I obtained my Associate’s Degree from in Media from a college I later learned did not have a proper accreditation for traditional universities. In other words, the credits I earned from this degree could not be transferred over to any reputable university I wanted to attend. In addition, my college IADT-Tampa I attended was a private college. I was uneducated on student loans and the difference between public and private during this time. After I finished my associates, I tried to attend a few other universities who agreed they could work with me since my financial aid was running low. Unfortunately, this wasn’t the truth and after attending three other universities I ended up owing each school a balance directly. I currently cannot get my transcripts from the universities which are providing a roadblock to me joining a community college and taking the steps toward pre-med. I was in my early twenties when I made these mistakes and am currently still paying for them. Do you guys have any advice or direction you can provide me with? Is it worth paying off the balances to go to medical school?

I’d say it’s worth it to get out of debt if you can - is it possible? I mean, what’s your debt load?