Trying to formulate a plan...

Hi, everyone, I’m so glad I’ve found a place geared to us “old-timer’s!” Med school has been my goal as long as I can remember…somewhere along the way, I took a detour (or two, or three)and now find myself an unsettled pharmacist who, at the age of 37, is ready to start putting her dream back on track. With my science degree, I’ve met all of my pre-reqs…they just happen to be almost 20 years old!!! Overall GPA is 2.96, science is 3.2. I have well over 200 hours, so taking classes simply to boost my GPA isn’t practical. At this point, I’m thinking about re-taking 1-2 classes per semester…going back to basics like biology, Ochem, etc, to prove to ADCOMS that I still know how to learn and to prepare me for the MCAT. Do y’all think this would help? Does anyone have better advice for me? I’m definitely open to all suggestions and would appreciate any info you send my way! Thanks!!

I suspect they will want to see you re-take all of the science pre-reqs. 20 years is a long time. Bio has changed a lot. Chemistry and physics, not so much. If you do well on the science, that is a good start. Then you just need to shine on the MCAT (which will also benefit from a refresher in all the basic sciences).

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Ideally, you’ll also want to demonstrate that you can handle a full course load - ~5 classes at once. That may or may not be possible with your situation. Gluck with it all!