trying to learn more about medical profession....

I would love to be a doctor, but I don’t want to be self employed. The dds I work for has no clue about owning a small business, and he is in financial trouble. What other options/settings can you work in? If you work in a hospital, do you get employee benefits like everyone else? I know this question has an endless array of answers. Any insight will be helpful


You are correct, there are lots of different employment opportunities out there. Some physicians have their own practice and are essentially self-employed. There are opportunities to be employed directly by a hospital, with the hospital picking up many of your benefits. Others are hired by hospitals (or groups) as independent contractors where they are paid x amount (either fee based or a set amount) and are responsible for picking up their own benefits and malpractice. Group practice is yet another model, and there are endless varieties of group practices. In a group practice, you might start out as an employee with an opportunity to become a partner after a certain amount of time. Each group decides how members are paid, benefits distributed, etc.

Perhaps one of our physician members can comment a little more on this, but there are definitely lots of options out there besides being self-employed.