TUCOM 2009

Hi, Just accepted to TUCOM class of 2009. Anyone else on this list going to TUCUM?
I was a nurse for many years and changed careers - I developed software applications during the tech boom years. When the bottom fell out of the market and many software projects moved over seas I decided it was FINALLY time to pursue my dreams. After many years of pre-requisites I am finally starting school. What a journey and what an exciting adventure just around the corner.

Drop me a line if you are on your way to TUCOM…

Glenn Kunsman RN MSIS
TUCOM class of 2009

Correct me if I am wrong - isn’t TUCOM the DO school in San Francisco? I ‘knew’ some students there when I was active in SOMA as a med student. They were pretty stoked about the place. They even seemed to be growing fond of the campus on Maris Island?
Check out the acceptance thread & see if there is anyone else going there. And, be sure to add your name to the accepted list! CELEBRATE!!!