Tufts..post bac

If living in NE area …Tufts having 1 hour info sessions in Sommerville on 5/30 and 6/2 on there post bac program. Pricey program but supposedly a good one. Check out there site for more details.

Also in the Boston area is the Health Sciences Program at Harvard Extension School. When I was looking for post-bac programs I didn’t hear about this one, I think because it is slightly less formal than Tufts’ or Brandeis’s programs, but it is another strong option. Tuition is very reasonable (approx. $750 per semester, including lab), on par with local community colleges, many of the classes are taught by Harvard professors, and they have a sponsorship option. Check out the web site below for more info.
I took one class at the extension school this spring and will be starting the program in the fall, if all goes well. smile.gif