Tuition question

I’m just wondering if one of you overachievers has created a list of which schools (MD/DO) charge in-state tuition for OOS after 1 year of residency (or sooner).

Thanks, sorry if this is redundant.

I know Ohio allows in-state tuition after 1 year of residency in the state.

As I understand, it’s not on a school-by-school basis, but rather state law on what makes one a resident. State laws vary widely. For example, Ohio considers you a resident if you have lived in Ohio (even for the purpose of attending school) for 12 consecutive months, provided that ALL of your expenses were paid by Ohio income, or loans (so e.g. parents living in New York and giving you money would not be kosher). Other states may never consider you a resident of the state, if you’re only living there for the purpose of attending school. Still others may consider you a resident on day 1.

No doubt there is a concise list out there. If you find it, please let us know!

Thanks Adam! Yeah, I may have to bite the bullet and create one.