Two degrees, two totally different GPAs -> are they averaged together for med school?

Hi, I’m a nontraditional student with two undergrad degrees achieved 10 years apart. The first was A BA in psychology at a big time state school where i graduated with a 2.6-2.7 GPA at 21 and the other with a BS in nuclear medicine technology with a 3.75-3.8 GPA at 32. Oddly enough, only one class that I’ve taken in my previous alma mater counts towards med school pre-reqs, whereas my first degree has absolutely none whatsoever. I have yet to complete my science pre-reqs and that will produce the overwhelming component of my science GPA. Will my 2 undergrad GPAs average together and possibly disqualify me from even being considered for admissions?

All undergrad classes will be counted towards the cGPA and your BCPM courses will be counted towards your sGPA. This includes any post bacc courses you take