Two Down One to Go

I have only my organic final left to take. My sterling performance in the class has been flogged down to a barely-holding-on C going into the final. I was riding high, and then suddenly, SN1/2 and E1/E2 rxns gave me a wedgie and then Alkene Rxns pantsed me. It was an ugly sight.
I ended up making a B in physics. My lab grade was a 92, but my lecture grade was an 88. I don’t know what I did in algebra. The best I can do in organic is a B. Looks like I’ll probably have all B’s this semester. I believe I bit off more than I could chew this semester, teaching two night classes, starting a catering business with the SO, and going to school full-time.
Oh, well. So much for crying in my beer. I’m off to grade papers and turn grades in to the registrar’s office.

When’s your orgo final?
(Mine’s in 30 minutes!)

Hey, don’t worry about getting B’s. It happens. Especially considering all you have going on. Don’t be so hard on yourself. I bet your glad its over though.