Two months till new baby

My wife is due to have our second child in the begining of November, we have a 2 1/2 year old girl. How have other posters been able to juggle a new baby with school work?
I know for women, it is much more difficult, that being said. How have dads been keeping your wife comfortable while she recovers, taking care of the new baby, and ensuring that your other child(ren) do not feel put out by the way side, and keeping up with the daily chores of the house while being able to juggle studying while lacking sleep and working all day??? sad.gif

As a woman who has 3 kids and has pretty much done 95% of the things for the family, I would think that your willingness to help is a big relief to your wife. Do as much as you can, don’t try to be a “Mr. Fix-it” , just do what you can, and show lots of love and support!! If finances are able, maybe find someone to clean for you, so you two can concentrate on the more important things, like family and school. It’s a struggle to juggle, but you can do it!!

Thanks for your suggestions Kathy. My wife is looking for a new job closer to home that pays more. When she gets it, we will certainly be looking into some cleaning help a couple times a month.
I guess, while I am giving the baby her bottle, she will keep me company while I am studying Cell Bio. laugh.gif