TX Get Together Sun 2pm Mar 20

ok, we have 2 votes for Hard Rock – 2 for Rice Village. Hard Rockers, can you give us an idea of price range? I checked their website, and it doesn’t have prices (yes, I’m one of the 2 on the planet who hasn’t been there).

Hi everyone–I haven’t got a lot of buzz back, so I’ll assume the TX get together is NOT on this weekend. We’ll try to do it another time.

Thank you for your efforts. It may have been my comment on a thrifty option that blew the carma of the get together.
There are more Texas folks, maybe they will be around this summer.
If you ever want to grab coffee in “the village,” that would be great.
Thanks again,

Sorry I didn’t reply sooner. I was going to attend our get together this weekend. We can do it some other time I guess.
It sounds like a few of us live right here in Houston, so maybe we can all find the time to have coffee in the village? I don’t really know a good cafe in the village area, besides La Madeleine on Kirby. Any other suggestions?
I’m still available this Sunday at 2. If anyone else is up to it we can try and get this started again.

Is it OK if ole Mikey drops by? I won’t eat too much…gotta an ear for my troubles?

In Rice Village, there’s great coffee (and good for the $-conscious) at Cafe Salento.
It is on Rice, between Kirby & Greenbrae. It is on the same side of the street as Pier One, but a block closer to Rice University. (If you know the village: to narrow the location more, it is actually between the 2 smaller streets in between Kirby & Greenbrae, but I don’t know their names.)
It is midblock, so you have to look for it.
Other landmarks: the running shoe store is directly across the street; so is Pure Beauty.
2pm Sunday? I’m not online after Thursday (no internet at home) so if we can hook it up by Wed, that’d be great.
Barb (a redhead)


Is it OK if ole Mikey drops by? I won’t eat too much…gotta an ear for my troubles?

You are having WAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYY too much fun with this alter-ego!! LOL