TX Schools and extra biology classes req.

I am a TX resident and will be applying within the state to our lovely 8 medical schools YAY! the question I have is that in researching the requirements for the schools here I have noticed that they require at least 14 hrs. of Biology which is diff. from the original 8 hrs. I had expected as most schools require. Back in my undergrad yrs. (99-03) I took 8 hrs of Biology. Zoology and Human Anatomy one was a 1500 level course and the other was a 2000 level course. I was wondering if these would contribute to my hrs. of Bio or would I still need additional classes? I plan on taking a biochem or genetics if I can or even Human Anatomy And Physiology I and II. but was wondering if I got stuck in a time crunch would these other classes help me out and suffice as that would mean 16 credits in bio total. thanks-

for the record. I have taken Bio I (1406) and am taking Bio II right now. so that’s how i’m coming up with the 8+8= 16 hrs. The original 8 hrs. was taken at a 4 yr. state university… and these I’m taking now are at a community college. the Zoology grade was a C (first sem. as a freshman) and the Human Anatomy was an A. since the very first semester screwup… I have had nothing but A’s in all my science courses.