TX Tech Reception

I received a postcard to meet the Dallas-based TX Tech alumni for a reception in two weeks in Arlington. I assume they send this to all applicants in the area, but?? I will go, of course, but for anyone who might know…does this mean they are interested, or is this just a big cattle call to look us all over?

does this mean they are interested, or is this just a big cattle call to look us all over?

Kathy, it's neither of those things. It's a recruiting exercise.
The whole pre-med rat race makes you feel like a supplicant - you are begging, pleading, cajoling schools to please, please, please just look at you long enough and then maybe consider you for admission.
And we tend to think that is the schools' attitude, too, since so many more people apply than get accepted. We project our insecurities on to them and wonder how can we possibly make enough of an impression to pierce that haughty attitude of "You will be so lucky if we even consider you for an interview."
But the fact is that schools are RECRUITING people. True, they've got a captive audience, but just like you, they want to make a good impression. They do have a product to sell - a spot in their school. And they know that you could very well be applying to 100 schools and they would like you to choose *theirs* if you've got a choice.
So they're not looking you over, nor would it be right to consider this an expression of interest. (the actual admissions process is pretty tightly scripted, so an informal gathering such as this doesn't fit into that picture.) It honestly is just what it says - a meet 'n' greet.
Now, there is nothing to keep you from chatting up an alumna/us at that meeting in hopes of finding someone who could put in a good word for you with the AdCom. (but I wouldn't make it a major point of the evening) Nor would there be anything wrong with some networking in hopes of getting shadowing contacts, for example, for those who are looking ahead a little more. But really, just take this invitation at face value, don't read too much into it, by all means go and have fun and see if someone there can give you some encouraging counsel about getting accepted to Texas Tech.

I received one as well, except for the Houston area. I called the RSVP number and was told that this had nothing to with admissions.
That said, I'm going to go. Why not? I'm with Mary on this one: it can't hurt, but it could be fun and pay off somehow later.

Is there free food? If so go. If not…its not going to do anymore for you than if you just stopped by to look at the inside of the building. That is only my opinion and others may differ.
The real look comes when they open your file…what will they find that will entice them to call you for a one on one?

i appreciate the input for the reception. I will go, even if its just recruiting. i don’t want to read anything into it but there may be opportunities there, and I would hate to think that they might look at the fact that I DIDNT go. Joe, I’ll just go for the free food and a night off from the kids! wink.gif What the hell. It’s November 3rd, my apps are all completed, secondaries complete, and not a damn word, rejection, invitation or anything, so I’ll go and see what’s up.