U Mass

Hey all,
Does anyone out there know anything about U Mass’ med school. My wife is applying for a faculty position there and they have expressed some interest in her so there is a possibillity that we could be Massachussets (sp?) bound and I am curious for any 1st or even second hand info on what ther program is like. Thanks!

I am not incredibly familiar with the school, but I do believe that they have very strict residency requirements. If you did not graduate from high school in Massachusetts, you need to have lived here for quite a few years (consecutively). I want to say it’s 5 years, but I’d have to check their web site to be sure. Of course, if your wife ends up working there, perhaps they’d be willing to bend the rules on that one. It is supposed to be an excellent program, from what I understand.
And of course, there are quite a few med schools in the area with Harvard, BU, and Tufts in Boston and Brown in Providence.

Hey Arciedee,
Thanks for your reply. You are correct on the 5 yr requirement for residency. It’s 5 yrs by the time you are admitted so you can apply after 4. That’s definitely a bummer but I’ll cross that bridge if I come to it. The other schools are a plus without a doubt although U Mass’ instate tuition is attractive enough to me that I might consider waiting. I geuss that I’ll wait to see what actually happens before I worry too much about it. Thanks again for the reply!!!

I know minimal about their med school, but I interviewed for both their anesthesia & internal med programs - both were very impressive. The hosp itself appeared to be in the midst of a major spiffing up & they had just opened a very large research building adjacent to the hosp. All in all, I liked it a great deal.