U of Arizona - Tucson oldpremed group

Hey All,

I am hoping to organize a non-trad premed group on the UofA campus. If anyone is interested please let me know. While I realize that there are some premed groups on campus - I am hoping to get one going that is a little more specific for us oldies wanting to be part of the 2011 med school cohort. I look forward to meeting anyone interested.


One of my former classmates is a second year at U of A, she has given me an incredible amount of assistance and encouragement. I will ask her if she is willing to help out. She is definitely a nontraditional student,in her 30’s, two kids, and previously educated as a chiropractor. She is loving her time at U of A.

Hey Jaysun0373,

Thanks for the reply. It would be great to meet other non-trads here at UA. Let me know if she is willing to meet. Is she a second year med student?