UC Secondary Applications

Hey everyone! I am mostly a lurker, though I did meet some of you at the conference, and everyone I met was wonderful! From what I have been able to gather, UC (University of California) schools are slightly unique in their qualifications for inviting you to send a secondary application. In general at most UCs only about half of their applicants are invited to complete a secondary, and I assume that they use some computer-based programming to weed out GPAs and MCAT scores that they don’t want. I was just wondering if anyone (through personal experience or otherwise) had any idea what their bar was. It helps with my creative visualization if I have a solid goal to reach;) Thanks for any input you may have!

As a UC alum I’ve been looking into them for med school as well. I’ve heard something similar, in that there is a “bare minimum” type of cut-off used to send secondaries. Also, I can’t be sure, but I think there might be info about this in the MSAR. You might want to check out SDN’s site on this; there is a whole thread about UC Sec Apps. From what I’ve read most people received secondaries between the 25th and 27th. Are you applying this cycle or for a later date?

I plan to apply next year as long as I can complete everything as planned this year with no complications.

My stats are:

Undergrad GPA (including prereqs completed after graduation): 3.62

Graduate GPA: 3.1-ish (need to check on this one)

MCAT: Plan to take May 2009. Absolutely NO CLUE where my scores will land me…but I need a mental goal:)

Clinical Experience: 260+ Hours Working at an out-patient physical therapy clinic, all hands-on clinical work one-on-one with patients

Currently Volunteering at 2 hospitals, one as a physical therapy volunteer, the other as a volunteer doula (birth assistant). By application time I will probably have another 800+ hours from those positions.

I have also applied for a 2nd Bachelor’s at a UC but it is rare that they actually accept anyone, so I don’t know how far this will go, but getting in is the only way I can afford to take classes at a University right now, so we’ll see. That way if I don’t get into medical school next year, I have more than enough time time to complete a 2nd bachelor’s, and if I do get in, I can still complete it in my dead year, and I will have a “2nd Bachelor’s expected Spring 2010” to put on my apps. All of my other prereqs have been done at community college. I just have OChem and Physics left.

Looking through my transcript though today I am a little worried about all of the W’s I have managed to rack up in the last 10 years, 10 in total. Anyone have any clue as to how this is going to be viewed?


GPA is 3.62 total for BA

After BA Undergrad courses and prereqs: 3.77

Total undergraduate coursework GPA: 3.65

BCPM (Total, undergrad and current prereqs): 3.64

well, you certainly have solid GPA. Here is some rather dated info on all the UC medical schools application criteria from a mid-1990s court case. Sorry no numbers on the secondary cut off but it certainly gives you a better idea of how the Black Box of admissions works

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