UConn Post-Bac

I opened the letter yesterday while my heart was about to jump out of my chest. The minute I read “I am pleased to…” I screamed. I just about blew off my friends eardrum on the other side of the phone. I WAS ACCEPTED INTO UCONN’S POST-BAC PROGRAM WITH A CONTIGENCY ACCEPTANCE INTO THE MEDICAL SCHOOL.
Normally, I don’t get that excited about things. But, this is the first time that I have wanted to get into a specific school program. Also, yesterday morning, I was reading a thread about UConn on www.studentdoctor.net and it made me extremely nervous. I had not realized how competitive the program was.
Now, I need to let my job know and prepare for the move in August. I also need to figure out how to pay for the classes and my one-year old car since it seems that I may not be able to work. I will be communiting 1 hour each way to school, taking a full load (all science classes), volunteering and doing research.

Congratulations Nikkie on your acceptance to UConn’s post-bac! I thought about applying there but I think they wanted a $75 application fee, and I just said “forget it.” I didn’t feel like paying $75 to get rejected.
But, it is a good program and I’m happy you were accepted. Good luck! Also, I think Cray is there too. I’m sure he’ll respond if he’s still there. He might be done by now though.

Congratulations!!! It’s got to be a great feeling knowing that you’ll be med school bound in just over a year. Providing of course you stay squared away but I’ll geuss and say that won’t be a problem.

Congratulation Nikkie - yes indeed the post-bac program at UCONN is great. I tried twice to get in and both times I was rejected. The second time they suggested that I attend the school full time to see if I could handle the load. I quit my job and took all the courses that a post-bac would take and came out with a 3.8 GPA - but I hwas still rejected! So a BIG congratulation is in order. However, talking to all the other post bac people there, they never heard of someone not getting in.
Any way, I did it on my own at UCONN and got 3 acceptances to med school. Good luck - the courses are hard, and be forewarned on both the chemistry cores as well as the physics. Cray, my 'old chem lab buddy can back me up on that one!

I took Gen Chem in 1996 and had As in both classes. I don’t want to take the classes over because of time and money. I would like to finish all of my “core” pre-reqs in one year. I have been reading one chapter of “Chemistry” by Masterton and doing some of the questions at the end of each chpt. So far, I feel that I have a pretty decent understanding of the material. Do you think this is a good strategy (idea)? This question is especially for you, BACMEDIC. How was O-Chem at UConn?

BACMEDIC, I forgot to write congratulations to you for being accepted into med school. Which school are your attending?

Nikkie, I PMed you.