UG science and Grad science GPA

I discovered on a university’s website, AMCAS breaks down the GPA into Fr, So, Jr, Sr, postbac and Grad with a BCPM and non-BCPM for each. From what I understand this is the initial evaluation that schools recieve and from this, along with MCAT, they filter out candidates. Do schools follow AMCAS’s way of grouping grades or do some take into consideration a cum BCPM at some point during later screenings?

I don’t expect to have a science GPA higher than Barry Bond’s slugging percentage(on steroids of course, otherwise my GPA might actually be higher), but I do want to take enough to show sharp improvement and then finish out my MS Biology. I had initially thought I might could use my advanced grad sciences, i.e. neuroanatomy, immunology, endocrinology, molecular cell, etc., as hours along with some UG pre-reqs to really strengthen the whole BCPM.

As I understand it (and I have not yet actually applied) they group hours by blocks of hours. i.e. 0-30 31-60 etc.

I do believe that they report a cumulative score as well.

Here are some instructions I found a while back: casgradec…

And more info here (especially pps 10 and 41): casinstru…

It’s really hard to tell how schools will filter the information. Most schools will tell you that they look at the entire package before rejecting, but there are certainly some who reject automatically based on MCAT or GPA cutoffs. In your case, if you are automatically rejected from a school, it would certainly be worth calling them to see if they have a GPA cutoff and, if so, asking them if they would reconsider your application given your recent outstanding grades.