Undecided Medical School or Optometry

Need Advice?

Hi Everyone,

I am 30 years old with a Bachelor’s in Spanish and a minor in Business. I also have a masters degree in Public Health. I have been working in clinical research-oncology for 4 years now. I am not sure which route to take. I am considering on doing Optometry and also Medical School. I do work with lots of physicians and have done some shadowing of optometry. And am still a bit confused.

I graduated 5 years ago with a g.p.a of 2.5 .culmultative. I did take some classes and got C’s and B’s but didn’t fill the entire pre-reqs. Now that I have been out of school, traveled and am working. I have figured out that I want to take the Dr. route, maybe optometrist or oncologist. I recently signed up for some classes to complete at a CC for pre-reqs. Do you think schools would still consider me ? I do have have a diverse background. Am also a minority of being the first generation in my family to go to medical or optometry school? Any advice? what should I do to improve my grades. I have tried to sign up for University courses but they are not offered at night at the moment. I know schools recommend to stay away from the CC.

Thanks. Any info. would be greatly appreciated. THanks.


p.s. I am also concerned with the amount of debt I will come out with after school.

Why optometry? Why medicine? They are questions that you need to ask yourself. Both are admirable careers, but you need to sit down and figure out the reasons for your interest. I’m not sure about optometry, but I think your uGPA may be a big hinderance for med school.