undergrad choice

I assume it matters which undergrad school I choose. I am trying ti stay near home. I live on Long Island, NY. There is SUNY Farmingdale and SUNY Stonybrook nearby and then there are the New York City schools that are not so close. I was 1 day away from handing in all my paper work for this apartment in Manattan(5 minutes from work. I was suppose to go in front of the co-op board on Sunday. I had to call the owner who lives in Florida and tell her I could not move in because something came up( I told her my job was relocating me), I felt REALLY bad. This apartment was in the works for about a month and within that time I starting really thinking about my future in the workforce and whetherI was staying(99%)I am not. So with that being said I could not move to Manhattan. So Hope you can help me on my undergrad choice. Thank you

Having lived on Long Island for quite a while, and in Stony Brook for a few years, I would go with SUNY Stony Brook. It is a good school, and with a medical school affiliation, you could possibly walk right into their school.
Best of luck!

SUNY Stony Brook has a much better reputation than SUNY Farmingdale (being a SUNY Stony Brook graduate, I’d have to say that). If you are on the end of the Island, I’d definately go with Stony Brook. I am on the Queens/Nassau border and am still deciding which direction I’ll go.