Undergrad Course Advice

I am considering taking some Latin courses for interest. Will these benefit me in anyway for medical school? Are there medical terminology classes etc once one gets to med school? Do you pick up the vocab and roots of the Latin words as you go?

Any courses you can recommend other than the obvious ones?

I have read there is no Calculus on the MCAT, is this true?

Hello from a fellow Canuck.

Not sure I can answer your Latin question. My guess is that it wouldn’t hurt but not sure it will be a huge benefit.

There is apparently no Calculus on the MCAT although I won’t be able to speak from experience until next spring!

Other courses - good grounding in other math (algebra and statistics) and once you have finished your “pre reqs” look at taking some upper level biology courses. I will be taking immunobiology, microbiology molecular biology and some biochemistry courses over the next 8 months.

Hope that helps.


Many med schools require math through single variable calculus and many also require a stat class. Check the MSAR for each school’s requirements, and know that it can change from one year to the next.



I’ve decided against the Latin. There were no spots left in the class anyways. I am signed up for four classes and I am debating taking a fifth. My transportation for the first few weeks of school will be spotty so I am trying to keep my mornings open for travel time. I am also thinking, since I am coming from summer school, night-school and self-reliant classes jumping into a 5 course traditional workload might be too shocking.

I am not sure if I am being wise or weak, lol. I was planning on taking a course in the summer anyways.

I am not sure if I am going to stay in my interdisciplinary Arts/Science program, it’s so hard fitting in all of the science classes with this degree’s core classes and Arts requirements.

Semester so far is looking like this:

Bio I


Arts Science core class: Society+Science

Studio Art 1060: Video/3D installations

Lynda, nice to meet a fellow canuck on here. What Med. Schools are you hoping to apply to? My dream is UBC but I was reading on their website that out of province residents have a very small chance getting in. Looks like Guelph won’t be home for long

Yeah, the “out of province” quotas appear to be a bit of an issue. I will apply to Western, Queens, Ottawa for sure and then through in a few out of province aps. I am also going to be applying to schools in the US and maybe Ireland.

Good luck.


I am considering switching my degree. The interdisciplinary core class is pretty fluffy and stops me from taking a class that may be better suited for medschool application, like a serious English class or Psych.

I have heard that unique degrees are beneficial in that you stand out from the B.Sc. people. Hence, the interdisciplinary degree. I saw a poster in the philosophy department advertising a philosophy degree as being a popular choice for Med. and Law school. Am I right in thinking as long as you have good marks, taken classes as electives to prepare for MCAT and specific med. school pre-reqs, one’s program of study does not matter?