Undergrad. GPA Calculation Question

How are grades of “No Credit” calculated for you undergraduate GPA? Are they counted as Fs? Thanks!

…to the best of my knowledge, “no credit” classes are not factored into your GPA (assuming that you did not get a grade). It’s because your GPA is scaled according to the number of credits earned.
Someone else will need to confirm this, though.

that makes sense to me - your GPA requires that there be both a grade and a number of credits.
Now, pass-fail is a little different question… but I think that those credits are not calculated in your GPA either, though, for the same reason - you need both grade and # of credits. Needless to say, prerequisites should be taken for a grade!
The AAMC (American Ass’n of Medical Colleges) has an on-line document explaining all the minutiae of how things are done with their application and I am quite sure that it addresses this. I don’t have the specific address - go to www.aamc.org and follow application links. It’s a big .pdf file, dozens of pages long, with lots of information that is more or less useful.

At both the undergraduate school (University of Minnesota, Morris) and the school where I have done graduate work in Music (University of Oregon) neither no credit nor pass/fail courses are factored into the GPA. I’m not sure whether other institutions do it differently.

I had several no credit classes from my undergrad and they didn’t factor into my GPA. AMCAS also did not like the way I entered them (I got the dreaded red X), but it didn’t seem to matter.