universities in Baltimore? Anyone?

Does anyone know anything about Baltimore, MD? My husband is going to be applying with his corporate office in Glen Burnie. I have no idea how close anything is…

Any recommendations on Universities or Community colleges?

Neighborhoods that are commutable to Glen Burnie and schools?

Great place for kids?

Neighborhood you can rent in?

I guess that covers it…

When it comes to Universities, it’s hard to get any better than B’More (as it’s called by hip folks like myself ). There’s Johns Hopkins, Univ. of Maryland in B’More and Univ of Maryland Baltimore County (which isn’t very far away). There’s also Townson(sp?) University, Univ. Of Baltimore, and Goucher College a school which I think has linkage programs with medical schools.

You’re also in communting distance to DC and all the schools there like Howard, George Washington, Georgetown, and American University. IMHO, the B’More/DC area is one the best areas in the country to be premed/med student/resident.

As for schools, the public schools in Glen Burnie (Anne Arundel county) as OK as I understand it(not as good as say Howard or Montgomery country, MD) and housing is reasonable for the area, which is still high as compared to other areas in the country.

I looked at houses on Craigslist for Baltimore. It’s high, but, lots of it to choose from and still a little lower than Seattle area. We save about 1,000 a month by selling our house and renting in Wyman Park. (I like that everything is walking distance or bus distance. Maybe we will go green and only be a one car family) Not sure I have a chance in you-know-where to get into JHU. I am starting to hope it happens. I wouldn’t have to work and would just concentrate on school and kids. How sweet is that???

Now I am starting to worry about transfer issues. I should have 28 credits by the end of spring quarter. But, my application would be too late to get into fall quarter. According to the JHU website. How does one get around this? Can’t I just start any quarter? Why does it have to be in Fall? Do all Universities have this rule? I am just learning how to work the system. Thanks for the helpful hints, it makes the navigation a bit easier.

Ditto to pathdr on the treasure-trove of universities in the Baltimore/DC area. True, Hopkins has the well-deserved rep going back to ancient times, but there are so many really awesome insitutions in the immediate area that I strongly encourage you to do some research on the various options if it starts looking like you may be moving.