University is 2 hours away

I need some feedback from anyone who is willing to give it.

I am 27 years old, I have a little girl, and I am married. My husband is in the military so there is no way we are moving. I want to be a doctor, its been a dream for a long time, just never realized I could do it until now. The thing is school 2 hours away. There are no biology bachelor programs here. people tell me “well you could always become a nurse” But that is not what I want. I have an AA in pre-social work. I have a 3.6 GPA and I am hard worker.

Has anyone been in this perdicament? And if so how did you handle it?

Would it be crazy of me to commute three days a week for four hours each day? I know its ultimatley my decision, but it would be great to speak to someone who understands me.

Thank you

I’ve been in this situation. To some extent, I still am, just not to the extreme that you are. My school is only about an hour away, each way. You are 100% correct that this is a choice only you can make. However, there are many alternative routes to medical school. After all, this is why this site was created.

Biology or chemistry is a logical choice for an undergraduate major, there isn’t an actual requirement to major in a science to get into med school. Many medical schools encourage you to major in a subject you will excel at instead of a science degree that you just pass, and take the prerequisite classes as part of your education.

The military greatly supports civilian education and takes many steps to help service members (and their families) achieve their academic goals. Since you have the military connection, you might try contacting the base’s education center for help.

For me, as I’ve already received my degree, the drive is worth it. It can be a hassle, but med school is my dream. For me, the only other alternative is a junior college which, after reading through the posts on this site and talking to the med school, isn’t the best way to go about it.

Good luck in your decision and medical school ambition.

Thank you for the response. You are right the education center is very helpful but they can only do so much if there is nothing available in the area. And as you mentioned I could take classes at a CC but I have spoken with various advisors in the pre-med departments and they have said that upper level courses for med school acceptance is the way to go. I do not work I just go to school full time, and my husband is extremely supportive.

I keep going over and over what I should do. And I think of my options.

Finish a bachelor in social work-But my heart would not be in it. I feel that I would be settling.

Second go back to the CC and get an AA in nursing. Nothing wrong with nursing just not what I aspire to be.

Again thank you for the input.

Now how many times do you travel a week?

First I’d say that while this is a problem, you can probably find a solution. You want to go to med school, so not solving this issue is not an option. Now I don’t know enough about your life, but you are 27 yo and you are very young (by this forum standards), so you have time.

Second, the kind of things I would look into would be try to get as many classes as you can on a period of 2 days and spend the nigh in a hotel (say 80/night), which would add about 350 a month (but save a bit on gas and time). Now there is a your kid issue. I would try to take my classes on Friday and Saturdays (if possible), your husband could drive on Friday night with your kid and spend the night with you, this way you wouldn’t sleep away from them.

Of course none of the solutions will be ideal, but you just have to find one that works.

Good luck.

Personally, the only way I can afford to go (and still eat) is to go 5 days a week. I actually made the trek 7 times because I take the classes at lunch and the labs in the evenings. I’m fortunate enough that my job is flexible in that regard and is situated roughly half-way to the the school from my home. However, it means a lot of driving (and gas) and can become very tiring and I don’t get a lot of family time except on the weekends. luckily, my wife is very supportive.

Since you don’t work, this could be easier for you. A 2-hour one-way commute would be rough, but carefully scheduled could be done and allow for family time.

Something else to consider is the length of time you are expected to remain assigned there. Chances are, the military will move your family before you complete the program. If you don’t have a long time, you might consider simply waiting until you reach your new location. The educational opportunities may be better.