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I'm debating between going to University of Houston of University of Texas-Arlington for my post-bac education. I have been in touch with UTA's pre-medical advisor and he sounds absolutely fantastic. I think the program there would serve my needs very well. However, my parents live in houston, and that has the added advantage of saving some $ while going through the ropes of my post-bac work at the University of Houston. So, my question is if anyone surfing these boards have had any experiences (good or bad) at any of these institutions. My hunch is that I'll get better preparation at UTA, but I may be ignorant as to what University of Houston can do for me. I am the type that requires some structure.
Can anyone else comment on the post-bac community at either of these schools? I beleive being surrounded by people in a similar context would very beneficial.
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I’m a post bacc at UH, so I guess I can give you some info. We have a few other members in the Houston area who did/are doing coursework at UH.
Talk to Diane Dorris in Univ. Studies, she’s the main premed advisor and has lots of experience. She will sometimes try to channel people into other fields when she first speaks to them, so just be very direct about your desire to be an MD. Tell her I sent ya. wink.gif
UH does not have a specific post-bacc program. That is, they don’t have a program tailored for us nontrads. They do, however, have all the courses you need, a fairly flexible schedule and a very diverse student body. I meet nontrads in every one of my classes, although some may be pre pharm or PA.
Diane, or any other advisor, will give you a packet of info that includes the required coursework, how to get your advisory committee folder started, tips on writing that personal statement, etc.
What are your needs in a post-bacc program? Does UTA offer a more structured program?
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No, UTA does not have a more structured post-bac program. I have been told that their non-trads have a good success rate coupled with some great advisors. As far as my needs, let me give you some back ground. I graduated with a degree in economics and have completed all of my pre-requisites. I did poorly in school and never gave medical school a serious shot. Now, I'm a little older, more motivated and focused than I can ever remember. I'm simply looking for a school where I can compensate for my less than stellar gpa (almost anywhere) that has some good advisors as well as a community of non-tradational students.
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Unless you plan on attending TCOM or UTSouthwestern in the future I would stick with University of Houston. I have attended UTA in the past and although it does have success with placing premeds and has a good Biology department I don't think those things are enough to move there. The postbac program at UTA is not structured so the support you receive at UTA is no more than at University of Houston. It also sounds like financially you would have a better deal by staying in Houston. Email me if you have any more questions about UTA or the DFW area.