University of Kentucky

During the time between semesters that I have now, I’m reviewing and compiling my list of potential schools to apply to.

One of the my top choices would be UK. Beyond the greenery of the state, and the more laid back-rural type lifestyle of the inhabitants, I LOVE horses!

Anyone on here matriculated and/or applied there?

Would it be worth it to visit some of the schools on my list?


I don’t know about the med school at UK, but I have to agree that the state is absolutely beautiful.

As to visiting schools, I would absolutely recommend it. See if any of the schools you are interested in have open houses; that would give you an opportunity to see the school, talk with students, etc. It also gives them a glimpse into who you are. That can be an advantage, assuming you make a good impression, when the applications begin arriving in the admissions departments.

Lexington is certainly a pretty part of the country, and the springs and falls last a lot longer than the same seasons do in MN. However, the summers there can be unbearably hot and humid. I rode through Lexington in July many years back on a motorcycle and the heat/humidity was wilting.