University of New England online pre requisites


University of New England, which has a College of Osteopathic Medicine, offers on-line classes in O-chem, Biochem, Physiology, etc. They even offer online lab classes to go with it. All are four credit hours.

My question in three fold:

First, has anyone done these and then gone to DO school? Did they work?

Second, if no one has gone to these, has anyone heard anything about them? Have you met someone who used these, or heard anything positive or negative about them?

Third, do you think that schools would know about these and disregard them? Especially since I would take these online while finishing my sociology BA at a different school.

Just looking for an opinion because taking the classes at a brick and mortar at the same time I finish my BA and work my usual 56 hours per week is not the most attractive option. I am not saying I won’t do it, only that I would prefer to be able to do them at the fire station and not have to trade like mad to get it done. I still need O-chem I & II, Biochem, Physics II, and Genetics prior to applying next year.

Hoping to hear from you all soon.


ps. here’s a link to their site:

Have not heard of them. I would be VERY cautious, though, before you decide to go down this path. Check with the med schools in which you’re interested to see whether they would even accept these credits or offer someone an interview who did their coursework in this manner.

Even if this school will accept them for attendance at their med school, unless they are going to guarantee your acceptance to their school (and it’s the one you want to attend) you will need to verify that you aren’t knocking yourself out of consideration at other schools.