UNTHSC-TCOM Here I come!!

As you can probably ascertain from the title of this post, I was accepted to TCOM in Fort Worth, TX. We will be starting in a little more than a week… No, wait, it is exactly a week from today (yeah!!).
I only today found this web site from the studentdoctors.net forum (great and informative web site that it is) and have thoroughly enjoyed my time here.
A little about myself – I am 24 (not the traditional “non-traditional” age, but my story is different… maybe if you ask real nice I’ll tell it sometime), currently separated. I have worked for 3 years as a registered nurse, the last 14 months of which I have been a travelling nurse in Philadelphia and Fort Worth in the Emergency Department.
How, you ask, does someone with a lucrative and demading career decide to forsake all he has to subject himself to the rigors of academic medicine? Insanity, pure insanity (I always tell people you have to be a little crazy to work in the ER).
No, really my original intention was to go to medical school, but like so many others here (I have even read some of your posts) I was worried that I wouldn’t make the cut. So I spoke with my pre-medical advisor and in his infinite wisdom recommended nursing as a career choice (just in case, you see).
Of course, things being the way they were, I got married just after graduation and did not want to risk my relationship with my new wife to apply and attend medical school right away. So I postponed. And postponed. And postponed. And worked as an RN.
Finally, when the urge to apply was too much to handle, I told Heather that I was applying. She was not too thrilled with the prospect of my going to med school. (I think some of this may have been because since we had been married, she had not worked, and she would have to work to make ends meet, etc)
So we split up and I applied and was accepted to TCOM… Now I await all the fun that I am sure will come my way.
Thanks for letting me share my story and for this wonderful forum!!

Congrats and Good Luck!

Hey Jonethon, congrats on your acceptence to TCOM! I am attending thier orientation for potential students this Friday. My app. has been submitted and now I am waiting… waiting… waiting until after August 1st to see if I’ll be invited to interview for early decision. TCOM is such an awesome school. I have 3 or 4 friends starting there this year (and a few MSII, MSIIIs there now) as well as friends who graduated from there. I’m a FW resident so if you need any help with “FW maneuvering” email me!
Salsa Kim (aka soskimh@cs.com)