Upcoming interview!

I would just like to say how inspiring you all are in your stories and encouragement! I’m glad to have found this forum. Reading of your experiences really help when things get discouraging.

Anyway, I have an interview coming up for ROSSU! I can’t describe how excited and nervous I am. Right now, my mind is buzzing with possible topics I may be asked to discuss. Well, I’ll just take things calmly…hopefully.

Thank you all for being so supportive and encouraging on this site. I’ll keep you posted…

Congratulations and good luck.

Keep it cool. If they interview you, they like you. So you just have to be yourself.

Gabelerman posted some time ago his excellent advice to ace the interview. I don’t know where the post is, but I made a copy and paste that I emailed myself. In Gabe’s words:

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1) Review your application and personal statement

2) Read about the school. You have to know why you want to go to that school.

3) Remember, they like you so far and they just want to get to know you.

4) You always have questions, there is no way you know everything about the school. If you do not have questions, you did not prepare enough.

5) Practice for the interview. Set up a mock interview and use a video camera to record yourself. Then review the tape and note any problems (no movement, no eye contact),

6) Talk to everyone in the room. Make eye contact with everyone.

7) A strong handshake promotes confidence.

8) It is alright to think for a few seconds before answering the question. It shows that you will formulate an intelligent answer (note I said seconds and not minutes)

9) Relax.

10) See #9


Thanks for the awesome advice! I think I’ll work on #9 a bit more.

btw…I should have posted this on the 2010 Interviews & Acceptance sticky. Maybe this thread should be closed and I’ll join you guys on that other thread. I appreciate all you guys!


my pleasur, happy to help. The credit goes however to Gabelerman who, very kindly, provided us with his words of wisdom.

Anyway good luck and keep us posted.