Update on my journey

It’s been two years now since I decided to do this insanity… And up until the first half of summer I kept a 4.0 in 63 credits! Even though I did break it with a 3.7 in my Eukaryotic cell and molecular bio class, and probably the same grade in this semester’s Genetics class, I am still rocking it with an awesome GPA and great support! Next semester is my Orgo 1/lab, micro with lab, and a psychology course! I’m pretty pumped that I can handle all this with 36 hours a week of work, so if I can do it, everyone else here can!

Hello and thank you for an update. You are an inspiration.

I am also 4.0 American GPA so far since I started my journey towards american undergrad. I only took Sociology in the summer and wish I took more than one class, but oh well.

In the fall I am taking:

General Chem I with Lab

English Comp II

Abnormal Psychology Honors

Cognitive Psychology

Spanish Honors

AND I will be working three days a week and possibly volunteering.

Keep up excellent work and good luck in the fall.

That is one heck of a workload, best of luck to you!