Update on the bio exam


It equates to a 70%.

Biology classes here have a grading scale that reaches lower by a few points so a 70 lands you solidly in C territory vs. a C-.

Here’s the bothersome part. The averages are horrible. The highest grade in the class was a 78%. NO ONE managed even a B. The median grade was a 62% (Well, at least I did better than average huh?). However, our professor made mention as she handed our tests back that our class had test results that were consistant with the rest of the biology sections and that the entire school had median grades of 62/63%.

This does not help one get into med school. I understand the program is tougher but really wishing I had stayed at CC right now. And yet, I know this program is respected among the med schools here. I’ve learned a lot more than I would have at CC but is this at the expense of my GPA?

I am at a loss right now of how to fix this. I’ve met with the proff twice now and already do most of what she suggests. I would do it all, but time is a factor with three kids, a house,and work on top of class.

I’m just feeling frustrated today. I will figure it out. I have to. I won’t let my dreams slip away over one class. I can’t.

ok. relax.

there are more exams. work on getting those scores up. it will be alright. you now know how the professor will test you and you can now prepare for it better


I understand you’re concern that (paraphrasing myself) prestigious, low grades won’t get you into medical school. You should find out if these test scores are typical from past classes and how the grade distribution usually looked like at the end of these classes: The department might be hard testers, but in the end might be very generous with the grades. Additionally, you should also find out what the previous classes drop out rates were: These tests might be weed-out tests. If you survive to the end, you might have like a guaranteed B. Ensure, though, you know the refund, drop, and withdrawal deadlines.

Well, I’m past the refund date. It doesn’t matter about withdrawl, because I lose my federal funding if I withdraw due to being put below the credit requirement since I was only taking chem and bio my first semester here.

I did find out ONE person managed 100% in the entire school. Everyone else had grades of C and below with one borderline B(almost C). The 100% was from a guy who already had a bachelor’s and had already taken a lot of upper level bio courses so this was a refresher for him.

It’s a good thing there’s no curve at this point or he would have screwed us all.

It seems to be these tests are typical of their program, but I really want to overcome that stigma. I just have to figure out how to do it. I’m stuck in this class. I just have to make the best of it at this point. How to do that, I’m not sure. Perhaps take a second look at my schedule and re assess when and how I study. I don’t know yet.

I too got a not so spectacular grade on my first BIO exam…actually the almost the same exact grade as you, a 72% C…I was so disappointed with myself. We have another exam this coming Monday and I have studied my notes which is where he gets the test material from everyday. So hopefully reading the material daily will help. I try to just go over it for a little while every night that way I’m constantly repeating what was learning that day in class. We can do this!