Howdy y’all,

I’ve been absent from OPM for a little bit (OK, several years) but I wanted to drop in and say hi.

I’m three shifts away from completing my residency in Emergency Medicine at Scott & White Hospital/Texas A&M in Temple, Texas. I’ve accepted a staff position with Scott & White’s community hospital in Round Rock, Texas and will be starting there in July.

I’ve also accepted a position in the Scott & White Division of Prehospital Medicine as an associate EMS medical director. I’ll be assisting with medical control, policy issues and the initial training of paramedics at our local college.

I was a paramedic in my ‘former life’ and the whole reason for becoming a physician was to be an EMS medical director. I decided to go back to school at 32. I’m now 40 and about to start paying off my student loans.

Take care,


Jeff, congratulations!



It’s good to hear from you again. And congratulations on both your new jobs coming up. It is always encouraging to hear from those who have finished residency and are moving on!

Congratulations, Jeff! I do remember you posting on OPM when I first started here!

Congrats, Jeff! Good luck with the new job(s) and keep us posted. I’m also interested in EMS/medical direction.

That’s great - congrats, Jeff

Congrats thats awesome!

Jeff congratulations! I guess there IS a light at the end of the tunnel


It seems like yesterday we were sitting at Temple CC taking ochem…you still have the Aggie maroon SUV?

Congrats on the jobs!

I bet your wife is glad you are finally done!

Did I introduce you to OPM or vice versa? It’s been so long ago

Rachel Yealy

Howdy Rachel!

The Aggie maroon SUV was a casualty of my medical aspirations (i.e. it got sold so I could afford groceries). Now I can afford the payment again, I just can’t afford to feed it the gas it would guzzle!

I can’t remember which of us found the old OPM listserv first. Sooooo long ago. BTW, I do remember that rather large bag of Kaplan review stuff you left on my desk in ochem without much subtlety. I may not have ever taken that test if you hadn’t pushed me.

So, 10 years later… Thanks.

Take care,


Yeah, how did you two cats find OPM? You were both part of the old & very active Texas contingency that is very much dormant. In the old days, all of our members were TX/AR or upper mid-west. Now, the UMW remains active & 2nd in size, but the mid-Atlantic is by far our dominent geography.

Either of you ever still hear from Mike Haas or Jeff Casto or the lady who went to Baylor that was a rocket scientist/engineer?

After reading Rachel’s post, I’ve been trying to remember how I found out about OPM.

A friend of mine, Nile from Austin, was also a paramedic instructor who was considering medical school. I think he may have told me about the list and then maybe I mentioned it to Rachel in class (we took Organic Chemistry together). It may have been the other way around, however.

Nile later decided to go to Pharmacy school and is now teaching in the pharmacy program in San Antonio.

I’ve added the DC conference to my schedule. That should be fun.

The last time I saw or heard from Mike Haas was at UTMB’s graduation. He was off to do a pediatric residency in, I think, Corpus Christi.

Take care,


  • Jeff698 Said:
Howdy Rachel!

The Aggie maroon SUV was a casualty of my medical aspirations (i.e. it got sold so I could afford groceries). Now I can afford the payment again, I just can't afford to feed it the gas it would guzzle!

Jeff I thought gas in TX was free

Good to have you back


Free gas would be nice, but it seems the only thing free around here is hot air.

And, of course, I’m doing my part to contribute as much as possible.

Take care,