UPing the GPA help!

I graduated and have a horrible GPA. How can I raise my GPA without having to get a second BS degree. I heard from a friend that one can continue to take post graduate classes and it counts toward GPA. Has anyone heard or this or have any suggestions? Thank you!

for starters you need to take a deep breath. You also have to start from the beginning and realize that what you are about to enter is going to take time to do it right.

  1. Take stock of the classes that you have. How did you do on your pre-reqs? If you did well on your pre-reqs then taking some graduate level science courses may help you. If you did not do so hot in your pre-reqs then it depends. Do you want to do a post bacc?, maybe try to get a masters degree. Without specifics it would be hard to tell.

  2. If you just graduated, maybe take a break and give your mind a rest. If you did not do so well in college then you need to figure out what you did wrong and try to find a way to improve it. Give yourself a chance to live a little, get some money and experience with a job. Then come back to it and see if you still want to do medicine, if you do then take it from there.

  3. To get the best answer, contact a school you are very interested in and talk with them. Or talk to your health professions advisors to see what they suggest. Do not go by what other people have done because each person has a unique situation.

    I hope that this helps and good luck.