Urgent Advice Needed


I am Canadian student looking for apply US Medical schools. Currently, I am in 3rd Year(Fall)doing my BSc Biology with my two GPA so far 3.62.

This semester

Principle of Biotechnology 90%

Applied Microbiology III 90%

Biochemistry II 65%

Immunology 70%

Politics 90%

I was thinking to drop my biochemistry and immunology course. These courses are taught by same professor and are very unfair to whole class with midterm class average of 43%. All I have now is 35% and 45% of finals for biochem and immuno resp.

I was also planning to drop my whole semester. Nothing would show up in my transcript, not even W. But was wondering how much would this affect my chances to medicine admission?

Please advice me and help me decide what should i do? I only have 1 day to decide as my course dropping deadline is due Nov 9th.

Thank you for reading and helping me out

Welcome to the forums . T’es quebecois?

I’m surprised to hear about the option to drop the entire semester - though if it wouldn’t show up on your transcript, I imagine AMCAS wouldn’t know. Still, you’d have to explain what you did for that 6-month period, so I’d imagine it’d come up.

If you feel that you can’t bring up your Biochem or Immuno grades, it may pay to drop them; Ws certainly look better than Ds and probably better than Cs. Whether or not you do, you’ll want to figure out why you didn’t do as well as you had hoped in those classes - and “the professor was unfair” won’t cut it.