US citizen with a foreign degree


I am a US citizen and I am getting a law degree from a university in Japan in March 2022. I’ve decided to pursue a career in medicine and I need some help on how to fulfill the prereq requirements.

I need to take all prereq courses plus get 90+ hours of undergrad level education in the US. So, should I apply to obtain a second bachelor’s as a premed student? I’ve thought about applying for a MPH and take undergrad prereq courses as well, but I don’t think that will satisfy the 90+ hours of undegrad education which many programs require.

Another 4 years of undergraduate education will cost more time and money, but I feel like it is the best way to fulfill the requirements and have time to volunteer and shadow…also, does anyone know how much admission officers value nontrad applicants with a foreign degree/experience?

If anyone has some advice or helpful info, I would love to know!