US News and World Report Article on Reapplying to Med School

US News and World Report has a recent article on Avoid 5 Errors When Reapplying to Medical School that is making the rounds

Link US News and World Report Reapplying Article

OHNOES where is the delete button on the application…

Actually glad to read that, in my PS I reflect a little bit on my past life and was worried that it might sound a little too, “hokey” or something like that. I felt like I couldn’t explain where I wanted to go without describing where I had been.

BaileyPup, I think you’re in good shape. I strongly disagree with the articles advice not to ‘rush’ and reply again.

I agree rushing isn’t good. However, I found a whole year of waiting for secondaries, interviews and etc, and 3 months of waiting on the waitlist was enough time to make sure I reflected, and sometimes enough time to make corrections (if it was not enough volunteering or etc.)

I feel the article hits the nail on the head by saying that an applicant needs to figure out what their weaknesses are, and then address them.