USC mol bio and biochem requirement ?

Hi there -
Anyone know if it is ok to take “Introduction to Biochem” and “Principles of Mol Bio” (instead of just “Biochem” and “Molecular Biology” to fulfill USC’s matriculation requirement for these classes? I’m in the app cycle now and need to finish these just in case I do end up there. These were the only classes I could find - given I have to attend night classes. I called USC and they said I would have to email “all questions regarding requirements” - none could be answered over the phone, so I thought I’d see if I’d get a quicker answer this way.
Thanks very much! Good luck to everyone…

Donna - I think these will probably be just fine - even on the application they allow you to explain how your class met the prereq in case the name doesn't match exactly (e.g. Adv Cell Bio for Molec Bio)
of course, I am not a USC admissions committe member nor do I play one on TV …

biggrin.gif ha ha.. if we all could do that, we wouldn't need this part of the forum! thanks.