USC post bacc- application on hold

Hi everyone, I applied to USCs post bacc program for the spring 2021 term. About a week after my interview, the admissions team informed me that they want to put my application on hold for the spring term as they would like to see me take a chemistry course and upper level math course at a community college and depending on my performance, I could begin the program in the fall. Has anyone experienced this? I asked them a few questions and I’m waiting to hear back, such as: will the courses I take at a community college count towards my USC credits, meaning that if I take chem 1 at a community college will I be able to begin chem 2 at USC? (same goes with bio and physics). I’m a bit conflicted as to what to do because I really wanted to start in the spring; however this could also be a good sign I suppose? I could save money on units by taking them at a community college (assuming USC will recognize this courses as legitimate)

Has anyone been through something similar? Any advice?