USC Post-Bacc Program - is my GRE score high enough to get in?

I’m going to apply to USC’s post-bacc program designed for career changers and one of their requirements is a standardized test score. I took the GRE and did not do well on it… I got a 152 in Verbal and 148 in quant. I’m considering taking it again (really don’t want to) but if it looks like I won’t get in with those scores then I will.

To provide some information on the rest of my application materials: I have my bachelors degree in business (3.8 gpa) and I have my MBA (4.2 gpa), my science gpa is I think around a 3.4.

I have many years of volunteer experience both locally and internationally and I have work experience as a project consultant at UNICEF in NY. I worked at a women’s center in Kenya and treated women with HIV/AIDS—which was my first exposure to medicine. I was a member of organizations at my school where we raised funds for pediatric cancer research. After UNICEF, I took care of my dad and was his primary care provider for 7 months while he battled lung cancer

Based on this snippet, do you think I have a good chance of getting in or will my GRE score weigh me down? All feedback is welcome!!


I was looking at USC too! But, I never took the GRE (and sure don’t want to lol) and my LSAT score was low so I decided to pass on that. However, based on everything you said I think you’d have a great application in my opinion because of all your experience and gpa’s. Honestly if it were me, I would apply even with a low GRE score even though I know those are important. You won’t know if you’d be accepted with a low GRE score if you don’t try right? Then again I know many people don’t like having to reapply for programs. Many schools look at applications holistically (so they say lol) so there is a possibility that everything else on your application will outshine the low GRE score. I say go for it!