Used MCAT/application materials

Hi, all. I have used MCAT and application materials that I no longer need. Pretty much everything I used to get from the “maybe I should check into this” stage to the “hot #### I got in” stage. They come with good MCAT and admission vibes!!! Please e-mail me at if you would like details.


If you have no response to your post here about the MCAT materials, try going to the Yahoo groups and see if you don’t have immediate responses! In case you don’t know, the address is; log in (or sign up if you haven’t already) to OPM, and post away!

HEy Kalinen…I’m just starting the whole MCAT study thing…so I’m interested in used MCAT materials. I emailed you a few days ago, but no response…thought I’d ask here. I emailed to

Hi Kalien, I’m interested in the MCAT materials if you still have them. I tried to email you but it came back undeliverable. Thanks

Sorry to those that had a hard time reaching me. I’ve had some computer problems. Whew. A list of the materials I have left follows. I’m so ready to pass this stuff on…so make an offer (best to e-mail me at and it’s yours.
Good luck on the MCAT and with admissions.

MCAT materials:
*The PR Flowers and Silver MCAT book 4th edition
*Columbia Review Book One (includes 7 practice tests)
*Columia Review Book Six (VR and WS)
*MCAT Verbal Reasoning Powerbuilder by Stephan
*Kaplan MCAT tests 1-5, final exam, 2 WS, review notes
for VR, WS, PS, BS and flashcards (all used from a
Kaplan course I didn’t take)
*Kaplan MCAT workbook
*Silverbullet audio review tapes (4 tapes)

Application/interview materials:
*Medical school Admissions Advisor 2000 edition by
*Becoming a Good Doctor. The Place of Virtue and
Character in Medical Ethics by James Drane

Other study materials:
*Study guide and problem book for Foote and Brown’s
Organic Chemistry
*1001 ways to pass organic chemistry book by Bank
and Bank
*Organics Chemistry Survival Manual by James Zubrick
*Chemistry 4th edition by Zumbdahp plus study guide
*Chemistry flexible molecular model kit
*Discover Chemistry CD by Appling and Frank

I know the financial gain is tempting, but please check the recent post by AnnaB and see if there are items you’d be willing to donate to them.