Used text books

Hello group!
I’m looking for pre-med texts - used if at all possible, since I am on a budget!
Can anyone offer reputable sites other than Amazon or Ebay as sources for such material.
Specifically, I would like to lay my hands on:

  • Vander’s Human Physiology: The Mechanisms of Body Functions (10th edition)

Many thanks!

Have you tried Sometimes I can find better deals there.
Good Luck,


Have you tried Sometimes I can find better deals there.
Good Luck,

I buy all my books there! And you can find really goood deals there.
I’m not parting with my pre-med books. I guess they might come handy sometimes…

Can someone explain how the ‘international edition’ of a text differs from what one normally buys?

Does this just mean ‘soft-cover’, or should I be concerned about other potential differences in the contents?


I’m not sure about all circumstances, but I bought the international edition of my physics textbook. It was identical, page-for-page, with the following three exceptions:
1. The punctuation of numbers was different (000’s were grouped and separated by spaces instead of commas)
2. There was a big warning on the cover that said, “Not for sale in the United States”. Though I am normally a vigorous champion of intellectual property, I considered this not to be my problem. I have signed no license agreement with the publisher and can buy whatever the heck I want as long as it’s not illegal for me to possess it. Perhaps I am channeling former Louisiana Governor Edwin Edwards. "It was not illegal for me to accept that bribe. It was illegal for him to offer it to me."
3. The US edition was in two hardcover volumes, with continuous page numbering. My copy was both volumes combined into one paperback volume, for the same price as a single hardcover US edition. Page numbers were identical.

I bought an organic textbook new, in the international edition, for much less money than the domestic edition, and it was identical except that the illustrations were black-and-white rather than color. It was for the India/Pakistan market, apparently; it had the price in rupees on the back.
I’ve had good luck with for some used textbooks. After purchasing some books brand new from my college bookstore for upwards of $100 each, I finally smartened up and get everything used or international now.
I also check and see if I really, really need the book, because there are instances where it’s not really applicable; the lecture notes and handouts might well provide everything that they are going to test you on, and the book adds little or nothing of value (especially if it’s poorly written, which is likely). Then, too, the library always has a couple of copies on reserve.

Don’t forget, though, that not all academic libraries put copies of the textbooks on reserve. Ours never has. Be sure to check on that on your particular campus before you decide on that option.

If you want to find the cheapest books,
Will check a HOST load of sites then list them for you to go to and purchase. Including,,, etc.