usefulness of an update letter?

So… this is an idea I’ve seen thrown around a bit on SDN, but I’m not sure it has any merit at all. There are 3 schools I’m waiting to hear from about interviews, and I really care about these schools so I’m starting to feel pretty desperate. (There are other schools I haven’t heard from, but I’m not as interested in those). My applications have been complete for several months in 2 cases and 1 month in the other.
Should I send in an update letter? I did kind of start something new at my job recently which I could tell them about. I could also reiterate my interest in each school. After going to various interviews I have started to realize what readers of my application may see some of my weaknesses as being (not that I agree with them!)–and I would love to be able to get another positive word in. On the other hand, I can see how adcoms might really hate getting letters like that.
There are maybe 8 more weeks where interview invites will be going out at all, and I’m getting worried!
Thanks in advance… and sorry, as usual, for being so obsessive.

While I think it’s possible that update letters don’t do any good, I do not believe they do any harm. You’re not going to push your application over the edge into the trash can with a BRIEF update that really does point out new stuff. The worst that could happen is they pay no attention to it.
Remember, we are the ones who obsess over these applications. The folks actually working with big stacks of applications do NOT anguish over these minutiae!

I have to agree with Mary. A brief (no more than a single page) letter “will do no harm” and might help. A long verbose and rambling letter will probably do harm. Also, you do not want to have so many communications with a med school that you create the dreaded Fat File.

Thanks everyone!
Luckily for me, two of the 3 situations have been resolved without any interference from me: interview and rejection. The third I am less worried about now that I have an acceptance at a school that I liked for similar reasons but whose location appeals to me more.
I’d never want to be the Fat File. No, I aim to avoid that!