Using prereqs to get ready

See lightbulb over my head ***
Don’t know why this didn’t come to me sooner. Duh!
Instead of kicking myself for not taking all the prereqs already and having to take them all in my junior and senior year of college, I realized that I have an advantage.
On the MCAT section of the AMCAS site, it lists the specific topics that will be tested on the site.
Now I’ll know what topics to really spend my time understanding.
Of course, I haven’t seen my syllabi yet for the classes so it’s probably everything we’ll be covering in the class and more. laugh.gif
I’ll finish my Org Chem II right before the MCAT so all the info should still be fresh in my mind! Woo hoo! There is an advantage after all!
Just thought I’d share my thoughts…

Yes, I was completing O-chem II and physics II at the same time I was doing my MCAT prep and it was definitely advantageous to have that material fresh in my mind.
Just remember, everyone - if you’re taking classes and studying for the MCAT, it’s the classwork that needs to come first. You have multiple passes, if necessary, at the MCAT… you can always change your test date or re-take (god forbid, but it happens). However, you only get one shot at the “A” for your class.