USMLE - Starting Early


I have been accepted to a MedSchool in Latin America and will start in August. I’m a little concerned about the USMLE and wondered if it would be worth it to use study guides (Kaplan/FirstAid) in conjunction with materials from my regular classes. If so, when should I start to use them? Our first year of courses is basic sciences (which saved me from having to think of PostBacc) together with:

Introduction to Morphofunction

Skin and Locomotive Apparatus




Thought Development

History of Medicine

Self-esteem and Values


I sincerely hope that I tested out of English, and several of the non-basic science courses seem a little fluffy. Perhaps, I should start looking at Kaplan/First Aid at the beginning of second year? Or, should I just focus on my course work?

I look forward to responses.