Has anyone taken this yet? I am due to take it in March and am feeling a little nervous as I don’t want to be one of the handful of people that fails it. Any suggestions on prep methods? I am working the Kaplan prep book now. Also, I am scheduled for the 8am session in Philly. Since it is an 8 hour exam, am I okay to guess that I will be done somewhere around 4pm?
I’ve read a lot of the posts over on SDN, but I wanted to get a feel of what any OPMers may have experienced. Any info that anyone can share will be greatly appreciated.

I took it in Chicago in September (and passed it). I HIGHLY recommend using the First Aid for CS book. It has simulated patient checklists to give you a feel for the things an SP might say, and the responses they might give. It’s great for use studying with a partner-- you can interview them, and they can give you back the answers the patient would give. I also recommend using the disk you should have gotten with a sample of the computer format (it’s on the website too) and practicing with the computer format. If you are comfortable with the it, typing can save you a lot of time (and if you’re like me, a lot of crossing out!)
If you “start” at 8, you won’t really start until about 9, because they will give you an orientation. I think you’ll be done by 5. It is a sort of nerve wracking experience, and many, many people fear they have failed it at the end (as I did)-- but the vast majority have not, so don’t worry if you feel that way. (I just had this conversation with a classmate today
Hints: Remember, SPs WON’T volunteer information. If you don’t ask the specific question they won’t provide the info, and if you ask a multiple part question, (i.e. 'have you been dizzy, nauseaus, or off-balance), they will only answer one of the statements. The medical problems are pretty straightforward. Many people (myself included) seem to have issues with the time. There were a few where I got done a little early, but on most there was something else I wanted to do, or talk about.
It’s a pain, but you’ll do fine, I’m certain.
And the good thing is, you’ve already matched! Good luck.

I also recommend the First Aid for Step 2 CS book. If you get through that, you should be set. I also took it in Chicago (and also passed). I typed my note and had several minutes of time to chill between patients because of it. I only cut it close time-wise on one patient. Overall it’s pretty benign. Just know that 2 of the 12 patients won’t count towards your grade, and that the proctors are very strict about things. Good luck. I’m sure you’ll do great!