UT medical students - when/how did you find out?

Sorry to barge in on the Med Student forum, but I figured y’all could answer this better than premeds.

The TMDSAS website says that the schools will notify us on 2/1. However, for some reason I thought we might find out earlier. How/when did you find out you were accepted?

Thanks! I’m getting anxious as the time approaches.

Match day is either 2/1 or 1/15. Check the TMDAS website to be sure. Im pretty sure you will get a letter in the mail. Good luck!


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Howdy Pam!

I found I matched from UTMB’s web site on 1/12 at 5:00 pm. Last year, the release date was 1/15 but that was MLK day. The school released the results at the close of business the Friday before.

Here is the URL from last year: http://webb.utmb.edu/som_staffair/match2001/default.htm


can try changing that to reflect match2002 or go to the root page at:



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Thanks for the info daveyboy and Jeff. I guess my diabolical plans for finding out early will not come to pass. That’s ok, I’ll manage until 2/1. As others have told me - it could be worse! Thanks for the replies!

The dates have been moved out 2 weeks to 2/1 this year to allow schools an additional two weeks to interview. Good luck and best wishes!