Value of a Post Bacc Program???

I’m currently in a Post Bacc program. If I finish the program on the appointed schedule, then I get the Post Bacc certificate. If I don’t finish on schedule, then I don’t get the certificate, but the department will still support my application to Med School. If I go slower, I can establish residency and start paying in state tuition. What do you guys think of the value of a post bacc program vs. just taking all the classes on your own. Any ideas?

While I may not completely understand your situation (especially the value of the Post-Bac certificate), it seems to me it would be more valuable to take your time and forego the cert. In-state tuition (and possibly preference) will probably serve you better than following a timeline to get what seems to be a low-value certificate.

I think if you take all the classes and rock the house, you can be a very competitive applicant if the rest of your application is strong. If the economic difference is significant, I’d just poke along at the affordable rate, filling any extra time with more volunteering, work, or whatever else would be a valuable contribution to my quality of life and/or total application package.

Unless the program is linked to a medical school where you are granted preference for admission, I don’t think there’s necessarily much value in a formal program over taking the classes on your own. There are some post-baccs that if you are accepted to the program and successfully complete the requirements, you are admitted to the linked medical school. I think this is the minority, though.

There could be some advantages in terms of quality of professors and/or tutoring help, but they might be outweighed by the competitiveness of the program.

I don’t really see what good the certificate does. Med schools won’t care about that.

The other replies covered things quite well. There are still perks sometimes, though. For example, Northwestern in Chicago doesn’t get you guaranteed admittance into Med School, but you do get help with LORs and things like that out of it.