osteo med school

149 other people and I start medical school this August in Blacksburg, Virginia at the Edward Via Virginia College of Osteopathic Medicine. The Roanoke newspaper just did an article on it, so check it out at:
I can tell you that the physical plant is top-notch and that EVVCOM has been hiring good, published/practicing physicians and others (away from other good schools) from all over the country. When I asked in my interviews “so how are you hiring faculty”, the Dean herself said that they’re hiring no one who came in with a negative attitude and only those people who are energetic in their teaching/doctoring.
I’ll keep OPMs posted as this first year unfolds. Take care everyone!

Dear Mary,
Please keep me posted as to what VCOM is really like. I'm a VA resident and am thrilled that VA now has an osteopathic school!! I think the 3 M.D. schools in VA are all top-notch also, but my personal preference so far is to go to D.O. school. Of course, I still need to shadow some doctors–both M.D. and D.O. sometime between now and before I apply, which is several years away as I am pre-pre-med and will take a math class in the fall and hope to apply to some full-time post-bacc programs for next summer/fall.
I hope you will get a chance to post regularly on what's like once you're there.
Also, for anyone else at a Virginia medical school, I am very interested in hearing your experiences about the pros/cons of your school. When the time comes, I will be applying to all 4 VA medical schools.