I have been looking into VCOM lately and I really like what I’ve seen/heard from them, their website, and official sorces. However, over on the infamous SDN, there has been a lot of “bashing” of VCOM in the last month or two because of some recent decisions that have been made. Does anyone here go to VCOM who would care to share a non-traditional opinion on that? Sometimes I think some of the folks on SDN get a little hyped up over stuff that just isn’t that big of a deal, so I’m having trouble deciphering if there is really an issue or if it is being inflated. I’m pretty sure I’m going to apply there anyway since I really liked what I saw, but it is nice to know what you are getting yourself into.

Hi Alison,
Mary Bois-Byrne goes to VCOM. She posts from time to time so send her a PM and she will get back to you. I believe that she is the only OPM member there.

AmyB (not to be confused w/ Amy Beaupre) also goes there. We rarely hear from either of these folks, I guess VCOM is keeping them busy!